What’s Coming Next for YGY

First, what is coming:

You may have noticed that there is a locked YGY wallet. This is our initial “rewards pool” wallet. These tokens are going to be distributed to the community though a staking process that we will begin soon. After this wallet is expired the only way YGY will be distributed is through the Regenerator. This will be a limited time event and set the initial stage for the build out of YGY. We will provide unique incentives within this period to accumulate YGY at an advanced rate as well as obtain special rewards pertaining to our Boost systems. Additionally, we will also use this opportunity to give a base example of our governance structure in action!

Back to what we were saying:

As a way to introduce you to YGY Governance we want to give you a simplest case scenario for effecting a variable within the system.



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Yearn Generation of Yield

Yearn Generation of Yield


A community operated experimental platform developing concepts within governance and yield distribution for liquid assets.