Token Burn & Full Liquidity Lock!

Our Presale is still LIVE at

Dear YGY Community! The sale of YGY is fast approaching its close, and we are more than humbled by the community’s trust in the project as well as their commitment in the presale. Notably, there have been some issues with respect to the listing timing of the Bounce sale, as well as concerns regarding support for the token post-launch. We’d like to note that we have heard the community loud and clear on this, and will be executing several initiatives in light of this! First, regarding the token sale: BURNING ALL UNSOLD TOKENS Our soft cap is 700 ETH, with ~90% of this cap already filled. This is great news, as being this close to our soft cap enables us to devote ourselves to the project and fully build out the Regenerator, LP+, and LP locking features that will separate YGY from other DeFi projects. Our hard cap remains at 1400 ETH, however we want to sweeten the deal for the community — as the sale closes for YGY, we will be burning ALL unsold tokens, thus reducing the circulating supply of YGY in accordance to the tokens not purchased during the presale. We think this is a great way to give back to the supporters of our token, and give YGY even more value.

Secondly, we are proud to announce a crypto world first — a 100% Liquidity Lock! When the sale for YGY ends, we will take the ETH raised during presale and list on Uniswap, providing a pool of liquidity equivalent to 100% of the Ethereum raised during the presale. This will help create further elements of community trust, faith in the vision of YGY, and a commitment from the team to fully support our presale investors and the trading environment on Uniswap. 40% of the raised tokens will remain locked for 6 months as normal, while the remaining 60% will be locked for 1 month (to be evaluated). Never before has the full amount of raised funds for a project been listed on Uniswap — this is a great way to show the community the difference between YGY and other projects, and is a bold first step into truly democratizing the raise and sales process for all future projects to come! Once again we’d like to thank YGY early supporters, presale investors, and the grassroots movement that is building around YGY.

Thank you for sticking with us during our presale and we hope for your continued support as we build out our platform and ecosystem!

Our Presale is still LIVE at

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