LGE and NFT guide for phase 1A

What is my Level?

Level is a factor used to determine RAM NFT rewards.
There are 7 level thresholds based on your ETH value equivalent contribution and 5 levels of RAM NFTs.
The Eth Equivalent Thresholds are 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 ETH.
You can see in the above picture that the user only has 0 eth total ETH equivalent contribution… thus not reaching the level 1 threshold and cannot obtain a ticket in the NFT reward rounds.

Vaults, Pools, Claim Rewards, Boost and Pool Info:

NFT lottery and more information:

There is a lot of functionality we plan on adding via NFTs. Where we are currently is really only just a taste of where we are going, the top left of the interface shows you your currently owned NFTs. There are two category of NFTs: RAM NFTs and Other NFTs.

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Yearn Generation of Yield

Yearn Generation of Yield


A community operated experimental platform developing concepts within governance and yield distribution for liquid assets.