Introduction to phase 1A of the YGY platform rollout

We’re getting very close to the first rollout of our phase 1A platform rollout, and as we do we’d like to take the time to help break down what each of the 3 main pillars of this phase focus on, what they do, and how you — the user — can interact with our platform.

As you may have seen on our roadmap, phase 1A consists of our new co-token, the first vaults and the first issuance of our NFTs. This is just a basic outline of each feature, we will dive deeper into their details soon!

Co-Token: Our new co-token is a spendable yield multiplier called RAM, with a fixed supply of 100,000 tokens it is used as spendable, yield boosting token to help maximize your returns and encourage users to partake in the wider YGY ecosystem! We will follow up with a more detailed article on RAM very soon!

Vaults: Phase 1A will see the rollout of our first vaults, with the addition of the rest of our vaults in phase 1B. In phase 1A, there will be 2 vaults, an ETH vault and a YGY vault. These vaults are used to generate YGY, RAM and have a chance at generating NFTs! More info to come on the specifics of this mechanic!

NFTs: These are really something special! Our integration of NFTs has allowed us to gamify yield farming, governance and much more! With multiple levels of NFT having various effects on many parts of the YGY ecosystem, we allow users to compete with each other over yield boosts, governance, and even our honeypot game in a fun, engaging system that encourages careful planning and execution to maximize returns! The same as the above two paragraphs we will follow up with more in depth explanations of this feature in another two articles, one being a breakdown of the basis of our NFTs, and the other being a list of available NFTs for use.

Again, I must stress this is a tiny portion of the full product, but we felt it important to allow our users to be able to begin interaction with the platform as soon as possible. We can’t thank you all enough for your patience, and sincerely hope you enjoy using the first phase of our platform in the coming weeks!

A community operated experimental platform developing concepts within governance and yield distribution for liquid assets.