Introducing RAM

As many of you may have seen on our roadmap and github repository, we have announced the introduction of a brand new co-token as part of the greater YGY ecosystem.

Today I’d like to give you a more detailed look into what RAM is, how to get it, why we decided to introduce it, and above all else; what it actually does.

RAM is part of a larger paradigmic shift of YGY into the realm of gamification of yield farming, and it forms the baseline for renewable yield boosting by spending acrewed RAM tokens in order to boost yield farming returns by certain amounts depending on the total amount of RAM spent.

There are 4 levels of boost:

  1. Level 1: 5% yield boost for 5 RAM spent
  2. Level 2: 15% yield boost for 15 RAM spent
  3. Level 3: 30% yield boost for 30 RAM spent
  4. Level 4: 60% yield boost for 60 RAM spent

These numbers are dynamic and will change depending on a variety of factors, but the above are the planned launch rates.

RAM is acquired in several ways. In phase 1A is it available through both of our initial vaults, as well as a YGY-RAM uniswap pairing that is used to set the price floor. As we move towards deployment of phase 1B, several more pools will also come online as a means to generate RAM, as well as some other fun features we think you’re all going to love — More on that soon!

The total supply of RAM is 100,000 Tokens. No more can ever be created, and as half of the spent tokens go to the LP+, it can be considered as deflationary in nature.

Over the next week we’ll be drip feeding new information on the NFTs and the first vaults as we get very close to platform phase 1a launch! we may even have a special event planned for the occasion too, more on that soon.



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