Finding trustworthy and reliable data streams in decentralized protocols is one of the greatest challenges for many DeFi projects like YGY. The primary hurdle consists of the need to ensure that our protocol’s randomized NFT distribution schedule is provably fair and secure.

The problem: How do we attain access to randomness as an input to a smart contract, and execute upon it securely without any potential manipulation?

The solution:

We are ecstatic to announce that YGY has integrated Chainlink VRF live on our mainnet! Chainlink VRF is a novel oracle solution that supplies smart contracts…

Thank you all for your patience as we worked towards rolling out phase 1A of YGY. This is to be our initial liquidity event that will roll out an introduction to some of the basic concepts of YGY such as BOOST, Staking, our Governance approach and a bit of NFT functionality. This is fundamentally a staking pool modeled after CORE with quite a few extra features placed in. This will serve as an introductory guide towards using this part of the platform and understanding how it works.

Please note: YGY is still in active development and many aspects of…

As many of you may have seen on our and , we have announced the introduction of a brand new co-token as part of the greater YGY ecosystem.

Today I’d like to give you a more detailed look into what RAM is, how to get it, why we decided to introduce it, and above all else; what it actually does.

RAM is part of a larger paradigmic shift of YGY into the realm of gamification of yield farming, and it forms the baseline for renewable yield boosting by spending acrewed RAM tokens in order to boost yield farming…

We’re getting very close to the first rollout of our phase 1A platform rollout, and as we do we’d like to take the time to help break down what each of the 3 main pillars of this phase focus on, what they do, and how you — the user — can interact with our platform.

As you may have seen on our , phase 1A consists of our new co-token, the first vaults and the first issuance of our NFTs. This is just a basic outline of each feature, we will dive deeper into their details soon!

Co-Token: Our new…

Copied directly from our discord; Join us at the following link!

Thanks for joining us for our AMA to discuss the immediate future and some of the mechanics & systematics behind YGY, as well as how we’ve expanded upon the original vision to keep up with the ever evolving DeFi space. Below I have provided an easy to reference set of all of the major questions and answers that took place in today’s session. We plan to have several further AMAs in the future, and hope that you will all join us for them! …

Greetings ladies and gentlemen , cherished supporters of YGY.
What a week it has been!

We’d like to express again how appreciative we are of everyone’s support of the project and your willingness to take a leap of faith in trusting the integrity of the team. I know that trusting an anonymous team through a presale environment is fairly high risk, but this is where we are. It’s looking like a good position as our price has stabilized and we are still pushing to develop and produce every day.

From where we stand now we’re in a very strong position which gives us great confidence in the capacity for this project to meet and exceed…

Greetings everyone!
Wow what an emotional roller coaster.

This is the founder of the YGY project here to give you some updates on what we have in store on the short term as well as provide some answers to questions that people have had.

First, what is coming:

You may have noticed that there is a wallet. This is our initial “rewards pool” wallet. These tokens are going to be distributed to the community though a staking process that we will begin soon. After this wallet is expired the only way YGY will be distributed is through the Regenerator. This will be…

Our Presale is still LIVE at

Dear YGY Community! The sale of YGY is fast approaching its close, and we are more than humbled by the community’s trust in the project as well as their commitment in the presale. Notably, there have been some issues with respect to the listing timing of the Bounce sale, as well as concerns regarding support for the token post-launch. We’d like to note that we have heard the community loud and clear on this, and will be executing several initiatives in light of this! First, regarding the token sale: BURNING ALL UNSOLD TOKENS

Thank you everyone so far for your support. Our official presale is live at the bounce listing here:

Start Date: Oct 10th, 2020, 6 PM UTC Coordinated Universal Time

End Date: Oct 13th, 2020, 6 PM UTC

Public Sale: 17,500 YGY
Price: 12.5 YGY PER ETH
Soft Cap: 700 ETH
Hard Cap: 1400 ETH

Locked Liquidity Amount: 7,250 YGY at cap will be dedicated to Uniswap and LP+

Over 42% of the liquidity is locked.

Prior to launch, we had created the Bounce Sale contract and shortly after we found that there was a coordinated effort to send out…

Stablecoins form the basis of the YGY system. Much like nearly all other yield farms, the core of YGY begins with both stablecoin farms and vault strategies. However, beyond the yield boosting vault strategies, we bring fresh innovation to the market in the form of our unique rolling time locked collateral pools which allow us to augment the underlying basis with unique opportunities and innovate within the DeFi space.

While this article is not primarily about our novel governance system, we note that it is important to show that it ties so much into the primary functions of YGY. It…

Yearn Generation of Yield

A community operated experimental platform developing concepts within governance and yield distribution for liquid assets.

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